Tag: Innovative EAP Blog Series

  • Why You Should Invest in One-On-One Support for Managers

    This is Part 3 of our Innovative EAP blog series. People managers are in the middle of a variety of intense, unique circumstances in the workplace. They likely know more about their team members than what used to be considered “normal,” and have been navigating difficult conversations, providing support for personal and mental health issues, and […]

  • How Innovative EAPs Break Down Barriers to Mental Health and Drive Up Utilization

    Is your EAP working? Typically, only 2% of employees use traditional EAPs offered by employers. Discover why innovative EAPs have dramatically higher utilization and are the future of mental healthcare.

  • EAPs: How Innovative Solutions Stack Up Against Traditional Ones

    Is your current Employee Assistance Program (EAP) making an impact and meeting your employees’ needs? Is anyone even using the services offered? Here are the differences between traditional and innovative EAPs, and the support and services you may be missing.