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Meet a Few of Our Providers

Merraf Abel, LMFT

Spring Health offers an incredible amount of flexibility and convenience as well as the ability to reach a large number of clients via teletherapy. They take care of everything, allowing me to devote my time and energy to caring for my clients instead of worrying about billing, payments, and acquiring clients. It's a win-win for me and my clients!

Mark Tovar, LPC-S

Spring Health has provided me with a client base that caters to my specialty of workplace issues and leadership development. These clients energize me, are invested in treatment, and are brought directly to my computer screen. Spring’s evidence-based approach and exceptional clinician support were additional reasons I decided to join. Thanks to Spring, I found a platform on which I’m comfortable practicing teletherapy.

Jennice Harrison, LMFT

I joined Spring because it provided flexibility, allowing me to set my own schedule, and the opportunity to serve clients in multiple states from any location. Spring offers state-of-the-art technology and a comprehensive platform that focuses on providing exceptional service with a compassionate and caring team approach. Spring is like no other; for the first time in my career, I am amazed at the amount of support and resources available to both clinicians and clients alike.

Supercharge Your Practice

Powered by our Precision Mental Healthcare technology, our data-driven framework for behavioral health leads to better outcomes and healthier patients.


Let us handle administrative tasks like scheduling, billing, and EHR prep — so you can focus on what you got in the industry to do.

Measurement-based care

Unlike other solutions, Spring Health goes beyond simply creating access to care. Through evidence-based assessments collected throughout treatment, we understand symptom improvement over time.

Practice anytime, anywhere

Practice in-person or virtually. Most of our patients see Spring Health providers via video. This means more flexibility for you, too.

Collaborative care

Collaborate closely and seamlessly with exceptional, like-minded practitioners, including therapists, psychiatrists, and Care Navigators.

Join our network of therapists and physicians

No more ghost networks

Data and transparency are foundational to our approach.

We work closely with you to ensure that no patient falls through the cracks.

World-class clinical outcomes

By observing patient progress and feedback, as well as monitoring provider accessibility, we maintain the highest quality network.

Real availability, in real-time

Our platform integrates directly with your calendars to ensure our network has accurate availability in real time in all 50 states.

Open patient feedback

Patients love working with our providers. We track feedback for every provider and share it back with them for constant growth and development.

7 step vetting process

Our thorough vetting process ensures that we uphold the highest standards of excellence in our community.

Our care team promise

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Spring Health

Excited by the prospect of shaping the future of mental health care

Spring Health

Committed to evidence-based practices and measurement-based care

Spring Health

Constantly evolving your practice and incorporating the latest research into treatments for patients

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Our commitment to diversity

"I started Spring Health in part because I found it to be impossible in my own journey to find a provider of color who I felt a connection with. Ensuring that our network is and stays diverse as we scale is a top priority."

— April Koh, CoFounder and CEO


unique racial groups


different languages represented


providers of color