How General Mills Is Embracing Mental Health

Learn how one company is using Spring Health to change lives and transform their culture.

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The Challenge

People are hurting. Since the outbreak of the pandemic:


of employees say they feel more socially isolated


of employees are feeling greater anxiety


say they feel more emotionally exhausted*

* How CEOs Can Support Employee Mental Health in a Crisis, published May 2020, Harvard Business Review

As a result, workplaces are faced with plummeting engagement rates alongside increased incidences of absenteeism and voluntary attrition.

“There’s pain in every room,” says Jacqueline Williams-Roll, Chief Human Resources Officer at General Mills. “For employees to be their best, they’ve got to be well— physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally. Mental health is such an important part of that.”

They identified 4 things leading solutions are doing to drive clinical outcomes and help employees create positive change:

  • Developing a strategy for improving mental health
  • Running an anti-stigma campaign
  • Lowering barriers to clinical care
  • Providing a low cost, clinically proven behavioral health solution

They identified four things leading solutions are doing:

  • Developing a strategy for improving mental health

  • Running an anti-stigma campaign

  • Lowering barriers to clinical care

  • Providing a low-cost, clinically proven behavioral health solution

40% of our population is dealing with anxiety. 40%. It’s passed on from generation to generation. We got to change that. We got to break that mold. There is great strength in vulnerability. There is great strength in seeking help.

– Michael Klaas, Sales Director, General Mills

Why Spring Health

Precision mental healthcare meets personalized care delivery

General Mills wanted a solution that would transform the mental health stigma and support employees and their families to feel their best. They chose Spring Health because the combination of precision mental healthcare and personalized care delivery drives clinical outcomes.

“The important thing that’s happened for us over the course of the last year is we have destigmatized mental health,” says Jacqueline. “Spring Health actually gave us the platform to start the conversation. You’ve got to get started, and Spring Health was a wonderful way for us to make that initial jump.”

I’ve had more goosebump moments about the support and the care and the empathy that Spring Health has shown, and the help that they have provided to our employees, than I have if you were to add up all of the other vendors that I’ve had throughout my career.

-Chris Brunson, VP of Total Rewards at General Mills

The Approach

General Mills is changing the mental health culture at work with Spring Health’s world-class technology and compassionate human support.

Precision Mental Healthcare

Spring Health leverages the power of data to accurately screen for more than 10 conditions and provide clinically-validated care plans for every member.

Dedicated Human Guidance

Every member gets a Spring Health Care Navigator, a clinically licensed mental health professional who provides one-on-one emotional support, answers questions, and makes recommendations and referrals.

Fast Access to Quality Care

Spring Health recommends providers based on assessment results, goals, and preferences, and members can schedule therapy for themselves or on behalf of their kids in just a few clicks.

Diverse Provider Network

Spring Health’s provider network is built to support the diverse needs of employees and their families. Members can select providers based on their specialties, the conditions they treat, and whether they offer in-person or virtual care.

On-Demand Digital Resources

Members have access to digital cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) exercises for immediate relief across a spectrum of common stressors including burnout, sleep, anxiety, and parenting.

The difference maker is this personalized approach with a Care Navigator, and the ability to get appointments quickly. We know that employees are getting appointments in like, 21 minutes. Before, it was taking sometimes three weeks. This matters.

– Jacqueline Williams-Roll, Chief Human Resources Officer at General Mills

Key Results

General Mills has seen impact across three key areas:



General Mills employees are accessing their Spring Health benefit.


With Spring Health, employees at General Mills can schedule an appointment and see a provider in less than

Clinical Improvements

At General Mills,

of members are showing mental health improvement overall.

What People Are Saying

“Over the last few years, my spouse has struggled with addiction and I’m experiencing lasting effects of trauma. Trying to find a trauma focused therapist had been difficult, and my Care Navigator has been a huge help. Knowing I have an advocate for my care is a major benefit of Spring Health.”

“I’ve struggled with anxiety and loss of appetite for a few months now, associated with my adult children’s mental health issues. I’ve already learned a lot from my therapist about forming boundaries and how to be supportive of my children without letting their problems take over my every waking moment.”

“I’ve suffered several significant losses over the last few years: three close family member deaths, a hard breakup, added job stress due to COVID. Depression set in and it became hard to manage. My therapist gives me “homework,” which is helping me make concrete steps to diminish the depression.”

“I’ve been having trouble with depression and sleep difficulties lately, which is affecting my day-to-day life. During today’s session, I received some great suggestions about how to address these difficulties. These ideas help me feel like there is some light shining through the fog.”


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