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November 15, 2022

Spring Health Expands Access and Improves Mental Health Outcomes with Launch of Compass

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A premier electronic health record that enables frictionless mental health care, increases patient access, and reduces provider burnout.  

NEW YORK — Spring Health, the most comprehensive global mental health solution for employers and health plans, today announced the release of Compass by Spring Health, a transformational platform designed by therapists and other care team members to drive precision and high-quality care decisions for more patients while reducing friction and red tape.

Unlike standard, transaction-based electronic health records that focus on billing for a single appointment, Compass enables real-time collaboration among mental health providers and Spring Health Care Navigators to track a patient’s outcomes over time. Through a fully-integrated suite of core features like scheduling, billing, and clinical documentation, the platform creates a frictionless experience for providers. 

The “20/20 problem” plagues the mental health industry. Twenty percent of mental health care professionals’ total working hours are spent doing administrative tasks, while fewer than 20% of mental health professionals routinely use outcome measures in clinical behavioral health practices.

Most mental health professionals are still using off-the-shelf tools that are not built for their unique needs or those of their patients. Rather than alleviating the pressures that result in high burnout rates across the specialty, these ill-suited electronic health records are actually contributing to it. 

“Compass solves two problems,” says Adam Chekroud, co-founder and President of Spring Health. “First, it makes life easier and more efficient for providers by eliminating multiple back-office systems to create a world-class care team experience with lower administrative burden. Second, it meaningfully improves quality by giving providers the right information at the right time to help patients get evidence-based care and recover faster.”

Spring Health already leads the industry in recovery outcomes, as recently proven in a peer-reviewed study published in JAMA Network Open. Patients had an average time to remission of 5.9 weeks and nearly 70% of participants reliably improved their mental health. 

Because Spring Health partnered directly with the Spring Health Care Team to create Compass—from ideation, to prototyping and testing—it is designed for seamless collaboration: solving and simplifying the inefficiencies that care providers face on a daily basis. Coaches, physicians, Care Navigators, therapists, support staff, and others will use Compass, available exclusively to the Spring Health Care Team.

“There is nothing on the market that simultaneously supports providers and patients as effectively as Compass,” says Spring Health co-founder and CEO, April Koh. “We are singularly focused on leveraging technology to make the job of mental health professionals simpler, more efficient, and more human—  ultimately leading to more time caring for patients and delivering better health outcomes.”

Compass also attracts and retains providers who can choose to open more of their appointment availability, creating increased access to care and reduced wait times for patients.

For more information, please visit www.springhealth.com.

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Spring Health is a comprehensive mental health solution for employers and health plans. Unlike any other solution, we use clinically validated technology called Precision Mental Healthcare to pinpoint and deliver exactly what will work for each person—whether that’s meditation, coaching, therapy, medication, and beyond. Today, Spring Health supports over 4,500 organizations, from startups to multinational Fortune 500 corporations, and is a preferred mental health provider to companies like General Mills, Bain, and DocuSign.