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A Proven Approach to Mental Health Benefits

Discover the benefit that delivers validated clinical outcomes and financial ROI

Validation matters, especially when it comes to improving employee mental health.

Two newly released studies not only show clinical improvements in symptoms, but also positive benefits to businesses in terms of productivity, absenteeism, and healthcare costs.

This means that employees feel better faster, which leads to increased productivity. As a result, employers experience significant savings.

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JAMA Network Open

Cost-Effective Care, Proven to Work

A landmark study published in JAMA Network Open, a leading medical journal, shows that Spring Health’s mental health program is associated with clinical improvements for employees, and positive financial ROI for employers.

Nearly 70% of participants reliably improved their mental health, and average time to remission clocked in at just 5.9 weeks. Employees who enrolled in the program missed 25% fewer days of work each week due to their mental health.

The study also found that companies that use Spring Health save an average of $7,000 per employee within six months, and experience a 30% reduction in total claims cost per enrolled employee.

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Spring Health Stats:

  • 60% Reduction in employee turnover
  • 24% Increase in productivity
  • 25% Fewer missed workdays
SBA Study

Faster recovery and lower costs generate significant financial returns

A study conducted by Santa Barbara Actuaries (SBA) also focused on ROI for employers, in terms of spend on health insurance claims.

The study found that when companies make an investment in employee mental health by partnering with Spring Health, financial outcomes improve. We’re also the first and only mental health solution for employees and their families, including children ages 6+, to show NET financial ROI, delivering:

- $2,195 net financial savings, after deducting the cost of Spring Health care
- 30% net PPPY savings on average
- Fastest recovery, with study participants recovering in under 6 weeks

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About Spring Health

Spring Health delivers fast access to comprehensive and effective mental healthcare through an approach that is precise, personal, and proven. We leverage the power of data across every aspect of care delivery through Precision Mental Healthcare.

Our dynamic digital assessment guides members directly to the types of care that will best support their needs and goals. Members have access to a spectrum of support, including coaching, meditation, digital CBT, therapy, medication management, and more.

For support throughout their journey, each member is paired with a dedicated Care Navigator, a licensed clinician who provides unlimited guidance, referrals, follow-ups, and continued emotional support. With Spring Health, customers have the flexibility to design a program that’s customized to the needs of their organization—and members can find the care that’s precisely right for them.

  • Precise
  • Personal
  • Proven