Anxiety around recent political elections have become so pronounced that psychologist Steven Stosny actually coined the term Election Stress Disorder in 2016.

That said, 2020 has brought on a uniquely heavy share of anxieties for many. This is a result not only of the divisive elections, but also the global coronavirus pandemic and the new focus on long-entrenched racial inequalities in America. Best defined as a physical and mental reaction to stress, unfamiliarity, or danger, anxiety is the most commonly diagnosed mental health condition in the United States, with over 40 million adults reporting experiences with anxiety every year.

To support you and your team during these charged times, we’ve put together a Guide to Managing Election Anxiety with statistics about Election Stress Disorder and tips for managing anxious feelings during election season.

manage election anxiety

Download the guide.

During challenging times, people need quick and simplified access to the right mental health providers, as well as the right tools for coping with anxiety and other challenging emotions. Contact us to learn more about how Spring Health can support your team during these challenging times.

Bennett Marano
Bennett Marano

Bennett is Spring Health's director of product marketing.

October 20, 2020