How it works

Spring Health is Here to Help You Feel Better, Faster

Mental health is an important part of your overall health. With Spring Health, you can easily access mental health services that are online, convenient, and always confidential.

How it works
How it works
How it works
How it works

We listen to thoroughly understand

Spring Health delivers a comprehensive, clinically validated, and dynamic assessment to carefully understand what you’re looking for and what you’re dealing with — no matter where you sit on the spectrum of need.

We personalize their experience

Based on your responses, Spring Health uses Precision Mental Healthcare to identify precisely the right option for you.

We make it easy to access what they need

• Schedule directly with a therapist and see them tomorrow
• Complete a mindfulness exercise instantly
• Chat with a licensed mental health professional whenever, however

We're there every step of the way

Our platform and Care Navigators follow up to make sure Spring Health is working for you