Apple employees count on you.

And you can count on us.

People are your most important resource—and the soul of Apple.

No matter what kind of care your employees need, we eliminate the guesswork, and help them receive the right care at the right time. All based on their personal, unique needs.

When your employees feel good, they can do their best work and live their best lives. They’re also more productive, miss less workdays, and are more likely to stay at Apple.

Level Up your benefits with Spring Health.

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Investing in the right mental healthcare pays off.

The need for mental healthcare is universal, but one size does not fit all. Spring Health delivers fast access to comprehensive and effective mental healthcare through an approach that’s precise, personal, and proven.

And we’re the first and only mental healthcare solution for employees and their families, including children ages 6+, with validated clinical outcomes and proven financial ROI.

A landmark study published in JAMA Network Open, a leading medical journal, shows:

Average time to recovery is 5.9 weeks
Nearly 70% of participants reliably improved
Average savings of $7,000 per employee within six months

This means we can prove that with Spring Health, employees will feel better faster, becoming more productive while Apple experiences significant savings.

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Spring Health Stats:

  • <2 Days to see a provider
  • 60% Faster recovery than typical care
  • 1.6x Less likely to turn over after sign-up

Apple designs innovative products. Don’t you want innovative mental healthcare, too?

Apple is renowned for delivering exceptional products that delight the end user, made possible by exceptional employees who deserve the same level of innovative mental healthcare.

Offering fast access to the right care at the right time enables employees to feel fully supported no matter what they're going through—so they can focus on what matters.

Traditional solutions fall short. They take a one-size-fits all approach and are usually ineffective, if employees even know about them at all.

Spring Health is different.


Built for the future of mental healthcare.

Our innovative solution is both proactive and reactive. Apple will have the flexibility to design a program that’s customized to the needs of your organization, and your employees can find the care that’s precisely right for them.

Our clinically validated assessment screens for over 10 conditions, leveraging the power of data and machine learning technology. Each employee receives a personalized care plan, and their licensed Care Navigator provides clinical guidance, referrals, and support.

Together, we can take mental healthcare from checking a box to raising the bar at Apple.

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Fast Access

Feel good about family mental healthcare.

For Apple employees who are also parents, managing treatment and caring for kids who are struggling with mental health takes a toll.

The average wait time for a pediatric therapy appointment is 7.5 weeks. With Spring Health, parents can get a therapy appointment for their child in an average of 2 days or less.

Spring Health furthers the well-being of your employees with a single place for family support, including appointment scheduling and care management, parent coaches, digital self-serve tools and educational content, and dedicated human guidance from a clinical Care Navigator.

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Manager Support + Training

Spring Health at work: set your leaders up for success

Managers have access to a dedicated clinical Care Navigator who can advise on leadership challenges, make referrals, or lend emotional support.

People leaders are often the first line of support for employees. Spring Health equips managers with the tools they need to have supportive conversations and handle emotions with care.

In addition to a dedicated Care Navigator, all managers have access to training sessions, self-serve tools, and additional resources.

About Spring Health

Spring Health delivers fast access to comprehensive and effective mental healthcare through an approach that is precise, personal, and proven. We leverage the power of data across every aspect of care delivery through Precision Mental Healthcare. Our dynamic digital assessment guides members directly to the types of care that will best support their needs and goals. Members have access to a spectrum of support, including coaching, meditation, digital CBT, therapy, medication management, and more. For support throughout their journey, each member is paired with a dedicated Care Navigator, a licensed clinician who provides unlimited guidance, referrals, follow-ups, and continued emotional support. With Spring Health, customers have the flexibility to design a program that’s customized to the needs of their organization—and members can find the care that’s precisely right for them.

  • Precise
  • Personal
  • Proven