Category: Provider Resources

  • The Counseling Compact: Celebrating This Mental Health Milestone

    The Counseling Compact allows professional counselors who are licensed and residing in a compact member state to practice in other compact member states without the need for multiple licenses.   

  • Blog Writing Best Practices for Mental Health Clinicians

    Blogging is an opportunity to build your personal brand and gain credibility in your area(s) of expertise. It gives you a platform to educate, inform, and engage potential clients, and establish yourself as a leader in your field. 

  • Eliminating Barriers and Elevating Care for Children and Families

    Imagine how communities may be strengthened and families might be more resilient if we eliminated all barriers and elevated the importance of mental health care.

  • 4 Ways to Prepare for Tax Season & Beyond

    When I started my private practice in 2019, I was worried about the usual things: getting clients, choosing a note and billing system, developing the necessary forms, and most significantly, being a “good enough” therapist to actually help people.  It wasn’t until February, when the dreaded tax forms started rolling in, that I realized I […]

  • Care Navigators: Clinical Team Members for Providers

    Providing care for a client doesn’t start and end with the therapy session. You may spend additional hours encouraging a patient to continue with therapy or researching referrals that align with a patient’s budget and unique need.  We help reduce some of that burden. Unlike private practice, Spring Health providers have a clinically licensed peer […]

  • A Clinician’s Guide to the Holidays

    By Kate Murphy LCSW, Spring Health Provider Lead The holiday season is upon us. That can come with challenges for mental health professionals, including increased demands on our personal time, as well as enhanced feelings of vulnerability for many of our patients.  Balancing professional responsibilities and care for the self is a perennial challenge for […]

  • Spring Health launches Spring Connect, the official community for providers

    By Daun Baker PhD, National Clinical Director It’s no secret that mental health providers are in high demand. As we field calls and emails from recruiters, we may ask ourselves which company will meet our needs, value our work, and provide the necessary resources and support to be our clinical best. Spring Connect, our unique […]

  • What is a Provider Lead?

    By The Provider Lead Team Every Wednesday we gather in front of our computer screens to discuss the latest with Spring Connect, the official Spring Health provider community.  This past week, we spent less time on clinical leadership matters and more on relationship building. It’s great reinforcement for what we will do for the regional […]