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  • Allyship at Work: How to Advocate for AAPI Employees

    Since 2020, Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) employees have found themselves fearing for their lives—and need a greater level of support from colleagues, employers, family, and friends.
    Ariel Landrum is sharing tangible ways you can do this, based on her experience as part of the AAPI community and a licensed provider for Spring Health.

  • Employees Raising Neurodivergent Children Face Unique Challenges: How You Can Help

    One in six children aged 3-17 years old have a diagnosis for developmental differences. Companies that are supportive of employees raising neurodivergent children can achieve better retention and contribute to healthier workplaces.

  • My Battle with OCD: How to Support Your Employees

    Hear how one Spring Health employee is managing OCD, and what employers can do to support people struggling with this condition.

  • How to Be an Ally for Women Returning From Maternity Leave

    Having a baby is a big life transition. One study found that 20% of birth-giving parents experience depression or anxiety after having a baby, and 38% of birth-giving parents experience postpartum depression.
    Supporting new parents benefits all parties involved. Here are a few steps every company can take.

  • Children’s Mental Health Crisis: How Employers Can Support Families

    Over half of working parents in America reported missing work or being interrupted at work to deal with their child’s mental health issues.
    There aren’t many easy-to-access therapeutic resources for parents whose children are struggling. That’s why it’s so important for employers to offer support.

  • Workplace Anxiety: What It Is and How to Manage It

    Soaring rates of workplace anxiety have become their own form of pandemic over the past few years. Here’s what People leaders can do to help employees manage it.

  • The Future of Work Puts Family Wellbeing at The Forefront

    We’re in the middle of a global mental health crisis that is affecting the whole family. Here’s why the future of work must prioritize family wellbeing, and the steps HR leaders can start taking today to make this a reality at your organization.

  • Inflation Anxiety: How Employers Can Support Teams

    Financial stress is often kept secret, so how can you help if you don’t know who’s struggling?

    During our April webinar, we talked about how to recognize the signs of inflation anxiety, provide support, and offer the right resources to improve financial wellbeing. Here are the key takeaways.

  • How to Create a Culture of Belonging at Work

    Creating a culture of inclusivity and belonging at your organization can help stem the losses from the Great Resignation, and inspire current employees to be more productive and produce higher quality work.

  • Family Mental Health: Equipping Employees to Be at Their Best

    We’re in the third year of a global pandemic that has elevated anxiety, addiction, and depression—and when one member of the family struggles, the entire family feels it. Here’s how HR leaders can provide support in each of these areas.