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September 28, 2022

Spring Health Ranked No. 22 on LinkedIn’s 2022 Top Startups List in the U.S.

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Company Recognized Among Top 50 Growing Companies 

New York, Sept. 28, 2022 — Spring Health, the most comprehensive global mental health solution for employers and health plans, today ranked No. 22 on LinkedIn’s 2022 Top Startup List in the United States. The list honors leading startups that have stood out over the past year based on engagement, ability to attract top talent, job interest, and employment growth. 

“We are growing at a significantly accelerated rate compared to a majority of startups,” says Spring Health CEO and co-founder April Koh. “This means that we have the relatively unique challenge of building our infrastructure as fast as possible with scale, efficiency, and profitability in mind while ensuring our employees grow with us.”

Spring Health consistently benchmarks above the tech industry average for employee engagement as well as diversity. In 2022, Spring Health re-launched its team member mental health program, Spring Internal, thanks to employee feedback about how Spring Health could take actionable steps to becoming the mentally healthiest company in the world.

Spring Health now provides 12 no-cost visits to therapy and coaching, for team members and their dependents, each calendar year.

“Over the past year, we have remained focused on our mission to eliminate all barriers to mental health care while striving to make Spring Health the mentally healthiest and highest performing company in the world,” says Karishma Patel Buford, Spring’s Chief People Officer.

“All of our people initiatives are tied to curating an employee experience where people feel inspired, empowered, and energized so they can become their best selves and ultimately perform at their best in a hyper-growth environment.”

Spring Health is actively hiring and recruiting across a number of departments and locations. Visit our Careers Page to see all our option positions. 

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Spring Health is a comprehensive mental health solution for employers and health plans. Unlike any other solution, we use clinically validated technology called Precision Mental Healthcare to pinpoint and deliver exactly what will work for each person—whether that’s meditation, coaching, therapy, medication, and beyond. Today, Spring Health supports over 4,500 organizations, from startups to multinational Fortune 500 corporations, and is a preferred mental health provider to companies like General Mills, Bain, and DocuSign.