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November 12, 2021

Spring Health launches Spring Connect, the official community for providers

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By Daun Baker PhD, National Clinical Director

It’s no secret that mental health providers are in high demand. As we field calls and emails from recruiters, we may ask ourselves which company will meet our needs, value our work, and provide the necessary resources and support to be our clinical best. Spring Connect, our unique community model of Provider Leads, national and cohort-based programming, and continuous feedback among peers, is designed to do just that, and better than anyone else.

What is Spring Connect?

Spring Connect is the official Spring Health provider community. We celebrate and advance the deep impact providers make in our clients’ lives through programming that amplifies clinical expertise and encourages new skill development. 

Too often, client referrals, networking opportunities, continuing education, and scheduling tools can feel like piecemeal offerings. We look at all of our services holistically to ensure providers have easy access to what they need to grow personally and professionally. Spring Connect is working to create one seamless and enjoyable experience. 

Diverse programming is key. In addition to 1:1 therapy sessions, our providers host workforce discussions on topics like burnout and mindfulness, contribute to blogs, and partake in other mental health advocacy opportunities. We also provide best-in-class tools and training to support professional growth and deliver on Spring Health’s mission to eliminate every barrier to mental healthcare. It’s important that our providers develop their way, on and off the couch.

Through our open feedback channels we know our providers want to be a part of a community where they can belong, contribute to something great, and make authentic connections with their peers. We’re delivering on that while never losing sight of providing excellent patient outcomes. As Spring Connect member Christopher Peraro, MA, LPC says, “you not only really care about our patients but clearly you care about the providers, too!.”

Cohort model

Spring Connect programming is available in every state in the country. We’ve also created regional cohorts as an additional layer of support. Based on a survey we conducted earlier this year, we know that 80% of our providers want to engage with other providers to receive clinical tools and ideas, network, and feel more connected to colleagues. 

Providers can opt-in to 1 of 5 regional cohorts to access case conferences, clinical coaching, and cohort-specific programming that’s informed by consensus and feedback. Cohort-based learning is an evidenced-informed practice that expands perspectives, increases collaboration, and encourages networking. It’s used in graduate classrooms and various workplaces to encourage deeper levels of engagement.

Provider Leads

Spring Connect has five Provider Leads who each oversee a cohort. They provide clinical leadership and general support. “I think they can expect good clinical insights, a good sense of humor, and frankly a get-stuff-done kind of attitude,” says Kate Murphy, LCSW, and Provider Lead for the North and South West cohort. 

Our Provider Leads, who have been practicing for an average of 15 years, are diverse from a geographic, specialty, language, and racial/ethnic perspective. Some have been with Spring Health since 2018 and all will continue to see patients on our platform. Provider Leads have a good mix of clinical expertise and business acumen, coming from private practice, science, higher education, and nonprofit/corporate administrative roles. 

“I like the idea of independent contractors, not feeling like they’re on their own island. That they have a safe space to go whether it’s questions about documentation or questions about clients,” says Jen Callen, LCSW, and Provider Lead for the Midwest cohort.  

“It’s about leveraging our relationships as a community and sharing the knowledge that we have,” says Carlos Rivera, LCSW, MBA, MPH and Provider Lead for the Northeast cohort.

Want to join Spring Connect?

If you are a mental health clinician and want to learn more about Spring Connect, fill out this interest form.

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