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June 30, 2022

Level Up Your Benefits with KAYAK & OpenTable

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Shannon Maynard, Certified Professional Coach

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For over two years, we’ve all been faced with accelerating factors around the globe that are impacting employee wellbeing. The world has changed, the way we work has changed, and competition for talent is greater than it’s ever been. 

During our recent webinar, Adam Chekroud, PhD, President and Co-founder of Spring Health spoke with Sophie Gelsthorpe, Chief People Officer at KAYAK & OpenTable about how to effectively provide mental health support on a global scale.

Challenges with their traditional EAP 

KAYAK & OpenTable saw a massive uptick in burnout about six months after the pandemic began, and quickly realized their traditional EAP wasn’t being utilized or meeting their employees’ needs. 

They knew they needed to do something differently, and began looking for an online platform that could support their employees equally across the globe. 

Going global with Spring Health

KAYAK & OpenTable are in 25 different countries, and 50% of their employees are international, so they needed a solution that everyone could access. 

Their biggest challenge was creating a benefits program that provided the same level of localized support for all their offices, of varying sizes around the globe. It was also important to provide mental health support through licensed therapists. 

Spring Health hadn’t officially launched globally yet, but KAYAK & OpenTable chose to partner with us anyway. 

“You kind of came down this path with us, knowing that [our global solution] wasn’t there in the early days and that it was going to evolve as we could learn and iterate,” Adam says. “That takes a lot of trust.”  

“If someone says that something is on the roadmap and they can listen to us and take feedback from us on what’s working as well, that partnership can create something even more special,” says Sophie. “I’ve definitely felt that with Spring Health.” 

The business impact

Here are some of their results:

  • Spring Health now supports KAYAK & OpenTable in over 20 countries
  • 35% of all employees enrolled within just the first 10 months
  • Outside the U.S., 18% of all employees have enrolled

Sophie says, “These stats are pretty awesome. To get that level of engagement in a program so quickly is a real testament to its success.”

Partnering with Spring Health is showing KAYAK & OpenTable employees that the company cares about their wellbeing and is taking it seriously. It also shows that they listen to their employees when they’re not hitting the mark, and are keeping that feedback loop going. 

Adam says, “Spring Health is built for the future of global mental healthcare. We really are uniquely positioned to support organizations that are geographically distributed and have this complex multinational setup. 

“Particularly in a time where the focus on employee experience and wellbeing has never been this high, employers need an approach that is diverse.”

Engagement strategies

“I’m one of the executive sponsors for our ability ERG group, and there was a conversation in the Slack channel the other day around how quickly someone found a therapist,” says Sophie. “That kind of traction is its own sort of marketing tool for this. It’s taking on a life of its own when employees are referring each other.”

This is playing a huge role in reducing the stigma around mental health for their employees, and also setting the tone and the culture.  

“Having the right strategies and then listening and iterating on them is what really makes the difference when you’re launching these kinds of programs.” – Sophie Gelsthorpe, Chief People Officer at KAYAK & OpenTable 

Advice for other HR leaders

  • Listen to your employees, because every company has a different culture and a different budget.
  • If you have international offices, think about your mental health benefits from a global perspective. If some offices or countries have better benefits, employees who aren’t in those larger hubs will feel second rate.  
  • Constantly look at the ROI and impact of your mental healthcare benefit offerings, to ensure your money is being well spent. 
  • Do things at scale. Teach your managers to do things from a mental health perspective, because they’re on the ground.

Adam loves hearing from employees enrolled in Spring Health, and he and Sophie closed with these two testimonials:

“I’m in leadership with about 75 employees reporting up through me. Before Spring Health, I had zero exposure to therapy or mental health resources in my life. And when an employee opened up to me about what a dark place they were in, I couldn’t do anything more than provide a phone number with no idea of who was going to answer or what the next steps were as a leader.

“[Recently,] I had a coworker mention they needed some help and would probably sign up [with Spring Health] next week. I was able to challenge their excuses for delay, with confidence and experience that I gained through going through the process myself. And I was thrilled when they let me know that their first appointment had been scheduled.” – Executive leader at KAYAK & OpenTable

“So thankful for this opportunity to get my work home life back in check. I feel like I was assigned a perfect therapist to help with my needs, and scheduled next week’s session already.” – Employee at KAYAK & OpenTable

Watch the full webinar on demand to learn more about how to effectively provide mental health support on a global scale.

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Shannon Maynard, Certified Professional Coach

Shannon is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at Spring Health, and has 15 years of marketing experience. She is also a Certified Professional Coach, Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, introvert, and HSP. She loves writing about introversion and mental health, and is a regular contributor for Introvert, Dear and Highly Sensitive Refuge.