Author: Caroline Myers, LCSW

Caroline is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Colorado and North Carolina. She specializes in transitionary periods of life in her current practice. Previously, she worked with youth aging out of the foster care system combining both skill building and therapeutic intervention into practice.
  • WFH—Grief, Guilt, and the Loss of the Water Cooler Chat

    Impromptu conversations are what 43% of employees miss most while working remotely. Other losses like work/life boundaries, in-person connection, and even the commute can easily lead to disengagement and burnout for your fully remote and hybrid employees.

    Here are six ways to redefine today’s workplace in a way that reduces stress while boosting productivity and overall wellbeing.

  • Disenfranchised Grief: How to Recognize It and Provide the Right Support

    As therapists, we need to be aware of what disenfranchised grief is, how it shows up, and what our clients need to effectively manage their mental health.