Author: Shannon Maynard, Certified Professional Coach

Shannon is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at Spring Health, and has 15 years of marketing experience. She is also a Certified Professional Coach, Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, introvert, and HSP. She loves writing about introversion and mental health, and is a regular contributor for Introvert, Dear and Highly Sensitive Refuge.
  • Level Up Your Benefits with KAYAK & OpenTable

    4-minute read For over two years, we’ve all been faced with accelerating factors around the globe that are impacting employee wellbeing. The world has changed, the way we work has changed, and competition for talent is greater than it’s ever been.  During our recent webinar, Adam Chekroud, PhD, President and Co-founder of Spring Health spoke […]

  • The Future of Work Puts Family Wellbeing at The Forefront

    We’re in the middle of a global mental health crisis that is affecting the whole family. Here’s why the future of work must prioritize family wellbeing, and the steps HR leaders can start taking today to make this a reality at your organization.

  • Inflation Anxiety: How Employers Can Support Teams

    Financial stress is often kept secret, so how can you help if you don’t know who’s struggling?

    During our April webinar, we talked about how to recognize the signs of inflation anxiety, provide support, and offer the right resources to improve financial wellbeing. Here are the key takeaways.

  • The Cost of Likes: How to Support Employees and Their Families Struggling with Social Media

    Social media is impacting your entire family—whether you’re using it or not. Learn about its impact on mental health and how to break the unhealthy cycle.

  • Ukraine Invasion: Prioritizing Your Mental Health Amidst War

    The war in Ukraine is weighing heavily on many of us. We hosted a livestream event with clinicians and experts in the field of war-related trauma, focusing on how to better manage your mental and emotional health. Here are the key takeaways.

  • Eating Disorders: How HR Leaders Can Support Employees and Their Families

    8-minute read Our recent webinar explored how HR professionals can spot the signs and symptoms of various clinically significant eating disorders, and ways to approach and support someone who is struggling.  This topic is personal to each of our panelists, who have all suffered from an eating disorder.  After a decade-long battle with various eating […]

  • 4 Ways HR Leaders Can Transform Burnout Into Sustained Enthusiasm

    If you’re in HR, you have a lot on your shoulders these days—and you’re also in a unique position to improve employees’ lives. To do this, it’s essential to make your mental health a priority.

  • How Mental Health Impacts the Great Resignation

    The reasons behind the Great Resignation have been discussed at length over the past several months, as the pandemic continues to redefine how and where we work, what we need from our employers, and what we value as employees.   Stress and burnout were already extremely high before anyone had heard of COVID-19, and the pandemic […]

  • How to Develop an Effective Self-Care Practice

    When COVID-19 upended our lives at the beginning of 2020, we entered a new era of unprecedented uncertainty—and we’ve been living in limbo ever since.   An article in the Harvard Business Review confirms that our brains weren’t built for this much uncertainty. Over time, our brains have “evolved to be uncertainty-adverse,” and being in a […]

  • How Self Care Can Help Prevent Burnout

    76% of U.S. workers experienced burnout in the past year. Read this blog to learn how to prevent burnout for you and your teams, what to do when self care isn’t enough, and how to develop—and maintain—an effective self-care practice.