Author: Melissa Carter

Melissa lives in the Pacific Northwest and has been writing for over two decades. She has a degree in Art History and is working toward a Master's in Public Health. Melissa is intensely introverted and really likes starting books (but not always finishing them).
  • Ending the Guesswork: The Future of Mental Healthcare Is Personalized

    Since Wellstar’s launch ten months ago, utilization of Spring Health’s services is now at 14%, a 600% increase over Wellstar’s previous EAP.
    We sat down with Wellstar to talk about why partnering with Spring Health was critical for offering a comprehensive mental health solution, and should be at the forefront of every benefits strategy.

  • Running on Empty? Let’s Get Back to (Mental Health) Basics

    Taking care of yourself is vitally important—especially if you’re in HR. So, we’ve pulled together some small steps you can take to transform your mood and outlook on a daily basis.