Author: Kristin Hoppe

Kristin is a writer and marketer based in Chicago. Kristin specializes in subjects around HR, recruiting, and employee happiness.
  • How HR Can Lead the Charge for Better Mental Health

    Improving workplace wellness starts with you. By prioritizing a mentally healthy HR department first, you can create the ripple effects that lead to a healthier workplace for all. Here are a few ways to get started.

  • How to Be an Ally for Women Returning From Maternity Leave

    Having a baby is a big life transition. One study found that 20% of birth-giving parents experience depression or anxiety after having a baby, and 38% of birth-giving parents experience postpartum depression.
    Supporting new parents benefits all parties involved. Here are a few steps every company can take.

  • How to Create a Culture of Belonging at Work

    Creating a culture of inclusivity and belonging at your organization can help stem the losses from the Great Resignation, and inspire current employees to be more productive and produce higher quality work.